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Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm


We are a literary hub dedicated to bespoke books on arts, culture, fashion, history, & food.

Our story began with a desire to create extraordinary books. While running two online bookstores based in the Philippines (The Kitchen Bookstore and Anáhaw Books), we noticed the stark disparity in the range of themes available in the local book market today. This gap in the industry is how and why RPD Publications came to be.

Our mission is to showcase a new breed of contemporary books that champion underrepresented topics and important literary voices in a tasteful, captivating manner. Here you might find specialty titles that focus on subjects typically neglected by mainstream publishers. For us there is no concept too niche, no idea too radical. Every book is artfully conceived and meticulously made.

Our service to book lovers around the globe is the opportunity to delight in a curation of modern reads that pique curiosities. Ones that tell the incredible stories of culture and heritage, of food and travel, of art and history, and other genres. Whether through our assortment of topics or manner of production, the outcome is the same: a variety of bespoke material designed to provoke, to shift perspectives, to spark conversations.

Put simply, we create the books that elicit excitement. In doing so, we are invested in the promotion of exceptional quality—from spending on the thickness of paper, to ensuring colors and graphics come alive from inception, to pre-press, to final printing. In our pursuit for distinction, most books in our repertoire are printed overseas. From cover aesthetics to the way it feels in your hands, books by RPD Publications carry a signature of style and sophistication. We are certain you will find something you will enjoy.